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You Found That

Hello everyone and welcome to the brand new You Found That, a community dedicated to the thrill of the hunt!
Hello everyone and welcome to the brand new You Found That, a community dedicated to the thrill of the hunt!

General Information

I would like to introduce You Found That.

Whether you're a collector of video games, vinyl records, movie memorabilia, old toys, art, antiques, cars, whatever the case may be, we all enjoy the same thing -- the thrill of finding that amazing deal, that wonderful piece, that hidden gem! We scour the internet, stop at every garage sale, attend conventions, hunt auctions, antique stores, thrift stores, quite literally everywhere to find the best deal or the hidden gems for the collection. If that sounds like you, or if it sounds like something you're interested in, then you've found the right place! A community of enthusiasts dedicated to that hunt, it's a rush and we all love it! We invite you to join us, chat with us, and share your thoughts and stories, your best finds, show off your collection. Make us all say -- wow, You Found That?!?

The Collections, you can add your to YFT and show them off in the collections area. List them out and let everyone see your gems.

The Exchange, you have the option to do each of the following:

Sell - Place your items up for sale, be sure to be descriptive and use effective pictures to show off your item and get yourself the best possible chance of selling.
Buy - Find things on your list and buy them. Search the list of active items for sale and potentially stumble across that one item you've been looking for for years!
Trade - Trade with others. Do you have something of value, but you see something on your list of wants here in The Exchange? Why not work out a trade?
Wants - Post your wants so others can see. We're all looking, so let's do what we can to put those feelers out and try to track down our most wanted items!

We hope you'll enjoy making use of The Exchange and we are optimistic it can become a hub that all fellow hunters can enjoy!
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May 17, 2023


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