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Earn With MicroLikes

MicroLikes Intro
Dear Forum Bombers members,

Exciting announcement alert! We're thrilled to announce our partnership with MicroLikes, a cutting-edge platform crafted by ForumRace. Together, we're introducing a fresh and rewarding dimension to our forum experience. This feature is tailored to elevate our interactions and celebrate the valuable contributions of our community members.

So, what is MicroLikes?
MicroLikes represents a distinctive system enabling members to earn rewards for sharing high-quality content. It transcends the conventional 'Like' button by providing tangible incentives for your valuable contributions.

How Does it Work?
  • Earn MicroLikes: When you craft posts that deeply resonate with our community, fellow members have the opportunity to show their appreciation by tipping you with MicroLikes.​
  • Redeem: You may redeem your on the Microlikes website each month.​

What are MicroLikes worth?
  • $0.01 = 1 MicroLike

How to Sign up for MicroLikes?
1. Head over to
2. Click the "Register" button.
3. Fill in the details and create an account.
4. Click "Generate API Key"
5. Copy the API Key
6. Come back to Forum Bombers
7. Go to your Account Details Page .
8. Scroll Down and locate the field called "MicroLikes Username"
9. Insert the username you chose for MicroLikes
10. Find the field called "MicroLikes API Key" (directly below "MicroLikes Username")
11. Paste your API Key that you copied from MicroLikes
12. Locate the "MicroLikes default Tip amount"
13. Insert the amount of MicroLikes you would like to donate.
14. Click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

That should be it. Now you are good to go and start earning.

We also offer MicroLikes on DebateHQ, Peak Forums, and You Found That. Just use your MicroLikes account information on those forums just as you did here. You must have an account on those forums. I would use the same user name on all forums.
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Bomb Squad
As of May 23, 2024, MicroLikes can no longer operate as a money transmitting business, which means that MicroLikes will no longer hold any monetary value.

What This Means for You:
  • Existing Contests and Tips: Any contests created or tips given as of May 23, 2024, 12:00 PM (Central Time) will honor the value of 1 MicroLike = $0.01. MicroLikes is committed to ensuring that all open contests and tips are settled accordingly.
  • New Contests, Giveaways, and Tips: Effective immediately, any new contests, giveaways, or tips will not have monetary value. Instead, MicroLikes will function as points that can be exchanged for perks and features on forums, without any monetary equivalence.
  • Temporary Registration Halt: MicroLikes will temporarily stop accepting new registrations on as of May 23, 2024, 12:00 PM (Central Time). Current users can continue to use MicroLikes, but please be aware that MicroLikes no longer have any monetary value or obligation to be exchanged for real money after May 23, 2024, 12:00 PM (Central Time).