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Forum Bombers is Hiring (Updated)

Forum Bombers is looking for a few good people to join the Bomb Squad. For this project you will need to love forums and posting on them. Be OK with all the different forum software out there. Willing to post for free. I think it is important that you own a forum as well.

Being on the Bomb Squad means you will have mod here on the forum. The members will have a place to enlist the forums they own. No other members can list in that area. I also plan on having a widget on the main page to list your forums in.

Just an update on us hiring here at Forum Bombers.

Bomb Squad members will be paid with MicroLikes. Read the Earn With MicroLikes topic for more on signing up and setting up for MicroLikes.

Since 1 MicroLike is $0.01, I will do 1 MicroLike for every post you do while we are bombing on the enlisted site. This will not include Bombing Squad forums or posts on Forum Bombers.

As of right now, Bomb Squad members are no longer paid.

@Bomb Squad members that don't want to be on the squad anymore, please PM @fords8 .
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Bomb Squad
Bomb Squad
Squad members are no longer paid as of right now. MicroLikes has changed business models. You can read more on the subject here.